Oceans and Coastal Management

The Maritimes Region Oceans and Coastal Management Division works with many partners to improve the management of our marine areas and resources and implement the Department’s Oceans program.

Whale's tail visible above water
Regional priorities for the Oceans Program include:
  • implementing a Regional Oceans Plan to advance and coordinate departmental programs and actions related to oceans and coastal management;
  • creating and managing marine protected areas to protect the diversity of ocean life, including species at risk, for future generations. There are currently two marine protected areas in the Maritimes Region the Gully (2004) and the Musquash Estuary (2006);
  • working with government, stakeholders and interested parties to develop and implement a bioregional network of Marine Protected Areas;
  • providing spatial and operational information and tools to support management decisions; and
  • state of the ocean reporting