We manage Indigenous, commercial, and recreational fisheries in the Maritimes Region.

Services and information

  • Fisheries management decisions
    Fisheries and Oceans Canada manages fisheries in accordance with the Fisheries Act, using credible, science-based, affordable and effective practices. Learn about our priorities for fisheries management and find past fisheries decisions.

  • Integrated fisheries management plans (IFMP)
    We use integrated fisheries management plans to guide the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources, support the management of sustainable fisheries and combine science and Indigenous traditional knowledge on fish species with industry data to determine best practices for harvest.
  • Recreational fisheries Verify regulations and licensing information, such as daily bag and possession limits and license fees.

  • Shellfish harvesting and safety
    Harvesting areas, closures, safety practices, contamination and illness, reporting and the sanitation program.

  • 2024 Elver Enforcement Outcomes To DateFishery officers are patrolling rivers, facilities and export points to deter and disrupt unauthorized elver harvest, sale and export from the region. Learn more about the results of elver enforcement activities.