St. Andrews Biological Station

The St. Andrews Biological Station is Atlantic Canada’s oldest permanent marine research facility. Science conducted at the Biological Station encompasses the Bay of Fundy and Gulf of Maine as well as coastal ecosystems and traditional fisheries in Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island.

Services and information

About Us

Founded in 1908, the St. Andrews Biological Station is Atlantic Canada’s oldest permanent marine research facility...

Aquaculture and Biological Interactions Research at SABS

Station scientists use a multi-disciplinary approach to enhance the economic and environmental sustainability of the Canadian aquaculture industry. In Southwest New Brunswick, salmon aquaculture is a major economic player.

Coastal Marine Biodiversity

The coastal biodiversity program provides information and advice for the management of local fisheries, aquaculture, and marine protected areas. The program also contributes to Canada’s commitments to the United Nations Convention on Biological Diversity.

Climate Change Research

Climate change is an important global issue that has gained significant attention over the past few decades. 

Coastal Ocean Research at SABS

SABS oceanographic focus is on the coastal marine environment, an area that is heavily utilized for a variety of industrial and recreational activities. 

Population Ecology Research 

The Population Ecology Section staff conduct research and stock evaluations to provide scientific advice for fisheries management and the Species at Risk program.


Collaborations at SABS

A large portion of our work is collaborative with universities, environmental groups, aquaculture and fishing industries, provincial fishery and aquaculture authorities, and Gulf of Maine research institutions. This collaboration is facilitated by co-location with the Huntsman Marine Science Centre.

SABS Seminar Series

The SABS seminar series provides an opportunity for local scientists, community members and students to keep abreast of current research in marine ecology, fisheries science, aquaculture science and recent government initiatives.