Maritimes Region

The Maritimes Region is one of the largest and most diverse Fisheries and Oceans Canada regions. We manage 8,600 kilometres of coastline and serve a broad spectrum of clients. Our work is vital to Canadians in this region.

•	A white, yellow and red image with the word "danger" and images of different shellfish species.

Know the signs and check before you harvest!

Please be safe and follow the guidelines on our white, yellow and red regulated shellfish signs when fishing.

Atlantic Fisheries Fund

Atlantic Fisheries Fund

Helping Atlantic Canada's seafood sector meet growing demands for high-quality and sustainably-sourced products.

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See our regional boundary map and learn more about our programs and priorities.

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Bedford Institute of Oceanography

Discover this oceanographic research facility located on the shores of the Bedford Basin in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia.


We manage Indigenous, commercial, and recreational fisheries in the Maritimes Region.

Biodiversity facilities

Find out how these facilities help us maintain the genetic diversity of the Inner Bay of Fundy Atlantic Salmon populations in Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.

Aquatic Ecosystems

There is a growing understanding among Canadians of the importance of protecting and benefiting from our marine and freshwater environments and resources.

St. Andrews Biological Station

Check out this research station in St. Andrews, New Brunswick. It’s Atlantic Canada’s oldest permanent marine research facility.


Scientists and Researchers

This page leads you to scientific information and advice in support of the conservation, protection, and sustainable utilization of marine and aquatic resources, and safe navigation.


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